The Art of Selfies

I used to despise selfies because I thought it meant you were vain and being selfish. I actually got off Facebook for a while because I was sick of the selfish attitudes, negativity, and constant complaining. I mean, I left social media for a multitude of reasons, but basically I jumped off because I needed…

Easy Homemade Tuna Poke Recipe

Ok, I love fish. I love sushi. And I love avocados. This was absolutely delicious, and I had it 2 night in a row! Which, of course, you don’t have much choice since it’s raw. If you don’t love raw fish, maybe skip this one. I’ll have plenty of other cooked fish recipes to come,…

Salads for Days!

How you can add in those veggies and still have delicious meals!

New Journey!

Do you want the tools to take COMPLETE CONTROL over your life? I’m about to show you… follow this blog for recipes, healthy living tips, work out plans, and more!