New Journey!

This is a brand new blog with a brand new purpose. I LOVE feeling great after a workout that gets your adrenaline pumping! I also LOVE eating delicious, healthy food and feeling full and satisfied.

I have recently started a new journey. I signed up with Beach Body, and I’m learning PiYo (pilates and yoga) as well as taking control of my nutrition. Isn’t that exciting?! What better thing to invest in than yourself?

Yes, it cost money. No, it’s not easy. I’m getting my health organized so I can get my LIFE organized! I feel it’s worth it.

But what does that all mean? One thing at a time, folks! Step by step, I’ll explain it. For now, just be excited! You’re about to have the tools to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!

Horsetail Falls, Uintas, Utah 2016

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